Why Belief Equals Freedom and Opportunity

In today’s video I relate a deceptively simple story that might at first seem to be of little consequence. Yet it contains a profound lesson.

Some time ago during a busy patch at work, needing to get ahead of my in-tray, I went to the office extremely early. It hadn’t yet been unlocked, and I had to let me in by the night-time security guard.

Getting to my desk, I needed to use the loo but the door for that was locked. So I called down to the security guard, asked him to unlock it. I then spent just 30 seconds going to the water cooler. But unknown to me the guard had answered my call on his mobile and was just round the corner. So he didn’t come from the front desk and unlocked the door right-away.

When I sat back down, I was cross-legged, bladder full, waiting for the guard to arrive, not realising the loo was already open.

What is the point of raising this?

Well when later, I realised my misapprehension, it became clear how, in a very real sense, our beliefs can be as strong as any prison. Stronger in fact, because if you hold the wrong belief, it cuts down on the options and opportunities we’re able to see. We except usually a lock of belief doesn’t leave us cross legged with the full bladder. The vast array of missed freedoms and opportunities are something we never see or feel at all.

We hear it often – that you have to believe in yourself. But this story gives a graphic example of why that is so important. We are also prone to misunderstand the consequences of failing to cultivate positive beliefs. If we could feel the opportunities and options lack of belief has ruled out we would probably be amazed at the life we could have lived.

But having said that, the answer isn’t to suddenly and somewhat artificially challenge yourself to believe in yourself.

Belief naturally flows from working to improve, knowing you are working to improve, putting true foundations in place such that we have confidence they are there and taking one small step at a time. We can build the ability to stretch ourselves, we can choose to do new things we can choose to challenge ourselves and take ourselves out of our comfort zone.

The objective associated with today’s video is as follows:

Recognize a belief that might be holding you back. It could be a doubt about your abilities, a fear of failure, or a hesitation to step out of your comfort zone. Acknowledge this belief and then actively work on reshaping it.

1. Identify a limiting belief: Take a moment to think about a specific belief that might be restricting your view of what’s possible.

2. Challenge it: Ask yourself, is this belief truly serving you? How would your life change if you shifted this belief?

3. Take a small step: Choose one action today that contradicts your limiting belief. This could be trying something new, taking a risk, or simply approaching a task with a different mindset.

4. Reflect on your foundations: Reaffirm the solid groundwork you’ve laid in your personal and professional life. Recognize your progress and the skills you’ve developed.

5. End of day review: Rate your success on a scale of 1-5 in challenging your limiting belief today. Consider how this action made you feel and the impact it had on your perception of your abilities and opportunities.

Remember, breaking free from limiting beliefs is a journey, not a one-time event. Each day, strive to expand your horizons and embrace the vast array of opportunities awaiting you.


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