Too much self awareness is a thing

Get ready to dive into a video that’s going to shake up everything you think you know about self-help and therapy. Have you ever wondered if being super self-aware is actually… too much of a good thing? Well, Mark Manson’s got some intriguing insights that might just blow your mind.

In this punchy video, Mark takes on the billion-dollar self-help industry and the cherished idea of therapy. Did you know that the effectiveness of therapy might not hinge on the type of therapy you choose or even the therapist’s qualifications? It turns out, what really matters is just having a space to talk about your problems—seriously, that’s the golden ticket!

Mark also explores an alternative that might just be as effective, or even better, than traditional therapy—journaling. Yep, grabbing a pen – or my Simple Focus App – and jotting down your thoughts can unlock some of the same benefits as a therapy session, without you even having to leave your couch.

And for the kicker? Too much self-awareness might not be the cure-all we thought it was. Mark reveals how sometimes, what we perceive as self-discovery could actually be leading us astray.

Curious yet? Tap the button below to Check out Mark’s video on YouTube. Trust me, it’s a conversation starter!