The Strengths and Weaknesses of Current AI

Today’s video is a little more vocation focussed and I take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of current AI.

Not every bit of content I generate is going to be focussed on an objective. When it seems relevant, I will be exploring topics that have an impact on our working life and the opportunities we face in life.

You will have seen there are now an overwhelming number of accounts presenting all the great things we can do with AI. Personally I’m finding the repetition a little tedious now. For me now, we are beyond the initial wow! what I am finding most interesting is juncture between AI and the human brain and what the overlap in capability means for how we live and work.

My first observations. AI generated content can be used to generate content algorithmically, but this soon becomes tedious. We’ve all now seen the growth of industrialised automated video production on YouTube. You know; those videos with an AI generated narrated voice over, and a load of DMCA compliant content clipped and harvested off the internet for free. Almost invariably, the narrative is generated and auto-translated into multiple languages.

IMO this is an extension of the mindset used by telemarketers and spammers since the early noughties. But in my view, the results are like those marginal products of yesteryear where their success cames more from SEO optimisation and tinkering with thin margins at the edges rather than any real inherent substantial quality. Sure, such automatically generated content IS superior to spam of yesteryear, and it WILL continue to improve, but it’s still falling far short of the mark set by content that is authentic and generated by a human.

So this leaves the question, what is the overlap between what human’s are good at and what AI is good at.

There are probably already over a million accounts focusing on how to use AI and the latest tools.

But I’m more interested in gaining an understanding of it AI means.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he thought it would be used for ship-to-undersea diver communication. That’s the “use case” that came to mind. Little did he appreciate, the massive extent to which it would be used for people gassing with their friends. Such a use would probably have seemed incredibly frivolous to him. But in hindsight it is the very triviality and universality of talking with friends that makes it such a massively significant invention.

So here’s one first realisation. In my opinion, it is a good idea to bear in mind AI is thought thoughts. It indexes across what is already known and can synthesise a vast value of existing thinking. There is immense value in that. But also, by definition, the content it provides is not then an authentic expression of who you are.

Human’s have, I think, an affinity for human, biological production. AI produced content viscerally lacks a humanity. Currently it does at least.

Therefore I’m going to seek to use it upstream, in support of productivity and creation and not downstream. Feeding it in as an upstream supplier makes it a useful tool. Using it downstream would move my output that bit closer to spam.


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