Simple Focus: Digital Detox

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Break free from social media addiction with this 42-card deck. Science based, over 30 days, it helps rewire your brain and enhance your daily focus with tasks like morning routines and no-screen nights. Ideal for improving sleep, mood, and productivity, it reduces screen time and enhances your connection with yourself and the world.

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Introducing the Simple Focus: Digital Detox Card Deck – a transformative journey designed to free you from the grips of social media addiction. Crafted with insights from neuroscience, this 42-card deck is your companion through a crucial 30-day detox period, helping rewire your brain and restore your focus.

Each card in the Simple Focus deck offers daily guidance, from morning routines that kickstart your day with natural energy to practical tasks that reshape your digital habits. Whether it’s engaging in physical activities, experimenting with no-screen nights, or exploring mindfulness practices, these cards provide structured and achievable steps towards a healthier digital life.

Use the deck each day by moving the bottom card to the top, tracking your progress with ease and adapting the sequence to fit your life perfectly. With options to personalize your journey, you can choose activities that resonate most, ensuring each day feels rewarding.

Designed for anyone seeking to reclaim their time and attention, Simple Focus: Digital Detox isn’t just about stepping away from social media—it’s about reconnecting with yourself and the world around you. Experience the benefits of improved sleep, enhanced mood, and increased productivity, all while discovering the joys of a life lived more fully in the present.

Embark on your detox with Simple Focus and feel empowered to lead a more focused, fulfilled life. Are you ready to reset your habits and rediscover the joys beyond the screen?

Comes with a six month subscription to the Simple Focus iOS App – worth £24 ($24) (terms and conditions apply).

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