Jumpstart Your Day with a Sunlit Morning Boost!

Get ready to kickstart your day with an energizing morning routine? Let’s dive into Professor Andrew Huberman’s neurological hack to spike your cortisol levels the right way. Here’s your daily challenge:

1. **Resist the Phone Temptation**: As soon as you wake up, make a conscious effort to not reach for your phone. Let’s break the habit of starting the day with digital screens.

2. **Sunrise Embrace Within 20 Minutes**: Within 20 minutes of waking up, step outside to greet the morning sun. Even if it’s cloudy, find the brightest spot in the sky. Remember, don’t look directly at the sun, but let its natural light energize you.

3. **Walk and Observe**: Add a short walk to your routine, keeping your eyes above the horizon. Notice the environment around you. This not only helps with your cortisol spike but also stimulates your frontal lobes for a clearer mind.

4. **Add-on Activities**: Feel free to include meditation, stretching, or even a refreshing cold bath or shower to enhance your morning ritual.

5. **Track this in Simple Focus**: Go to Settings -> Morning Checklist to enable the checkbox so you can track your progress with this objective every morning.

Each evening, reflect on how well you embraced this morning routine. Rate your adherence on a scale from 1 to 5, and observe how this simple change impacts your alertness throughout the day and your readiness for sleep at night. Let’s make the most out of our days, starting with a sunlit morning boost!

**End of Day Review Prompt:**
How well did you implement your sunlit morning boost today? Tick the checkbox if you did this objective this morning (the first time you see this objective you are excused not having done it in the morning -instead tick the checkbox if you have set this objective to display in your morning checklist. Go to settings if you want to do that now!).

Did you notice a difference in your alertness and sleep readiness? Share your thoughts in today’s review! 🌞πŸ’ͺ🌟


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