Writing tips

Here we provide a set of great tips on how to write a book of any length. These tips are particularly good for non-fiction but will work of for fiction too.

Get the title right. It sets the whole book on the right path. Then before you start, answer these three questions.

  • What question the reader has are you providing an answer for?
  • Are you solving a mystery or problem, or providing a solution?
  • Do you know the path you can take to get there or is there more research to do?

What are the main messages you want to convey in your book?

What are the big ideas that matter most

Is there a logical order you should present the big ideas in?

Next branch each big point out into a tree structure. A mind map program can be good for doing this. Keep branching until you have atomic points everywhere.

The book is already far more complete than you might think. Because this is the really hard part.

If you find pacing difficult, consider putting what you have written in Chat GPT. Chat GPT tends to converge on the mean, so writes diligent but slightly dull prose – which you don’t want. But converging on the mean is very good when it comes to pacing, because pacing works well when it matches reader expectations. GPT’s are VERY good at that.

But having said that, don’t just go along with any pacing presented uncritically. GPT’s aren’t very good at producing sudden dramatic shifts of pace or adding in brief deft turns of phrase. So be ready to ensure you put your own authentic mark on the result. ALWAYS rewrite any work that comes back out of the GPT.